• Indoor Location Technology

What We Provide


Always know where you are

A user will experience KOfinder's solution like GPS, but it works indoors and unlocks GPS denied areas outdoors.


Unique, trusted technology

Indoor and outdoor location dimension with a ubiquitous zero-infrastructure solution. Patented technology transforming a standard SIM Card to also function as a satellite receiever.


Limitless location solution

The signal is 1000 times stronger than the GPS signal enabling it to work deep inside structures.


How Our Technology Compares

A-GPS Smart Phones

  •   Good /excellent performance outdoors
  •   Indoor positioning may be improved using 3rd party WiFi hotspots and database services
  •   Fails indoors, in urban canyons and heavy forestation
  •   More expensive, mostly on medium and high-end products on the market
  •   High level of battery drain, not “always on” capable

KOfinder SIM Card

  •   Ubiquitous performance both indoors and outdoors
  •   Ultra low power usage
  •   Smart Card security
  •   Works with standard legacy and smart phones
  •   Requires a SIM card replacement
  •   Marginally higher cost than a traditional SIM card

Network Triangulation

  •   Works indoors
  •   Requires no changes for handsets
  •   Poor accuracy; at best 150-300 m in a dense city and at worst in rural areas up to 700 km2
  •   Works only when the phone is active and transmitting
  •   Not usable with handset based LBS applications
  •   Limited capacity prevents mass market applications
Strong, Visionary Management



The Opportunity

Today’s geolocation technologies fail to provide accurate and ubiquitous coverage indoors, in urban canyons, rural areas with heavy forestation and mountainous terrain. Network triangulation has a poor overall accuracy in general and often renders useless in rural areas. Purpose built layer networks or various beacon-based infrastructures require heavy upfront investments and rely on being powered from the grid. Smartphones with Global Positioning System (GPS) fail indoors and in urban canyons. However, indoors is where we meet and where business happens. Missing ubiquitous indoor location capability prevents new business opportunities emerging and hampers daily user experiences. FCC is currently working on a regulation requiring E911 cellular callers to be located by wireless carriers.



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